After more than a year i’m back here writing my head off.

What made me decide to come back?!?God knows… But whats important is fact that I now have something important write about.

After an almost 2 year absence I’m back at Kendo practice.I’m well aware that’s gonna be hell on earth but nothing’s will keep me away from it again.

Now trying to find a strong kiai(気合) & with the sword clenched in my hands I wait for the right moment to strike.

(yeah I know it’s not me but soon…very soon it will be)


About Andrei

Just your average normal guy...I've studied Marketing at the Romanian-American University of Bucharest (probably the best thing I know is how to "sell" myself :)) ) At the moment, doing support stuff for a big shot IT company - hey money needs to come from somewhere...I have a huge interest in History, especially Japanese history and culture, love to travel, reading (sci-fi & high fantasy stuff mostly), sports (basketball, judo, brazilian ju-jitsu, kendo, track&field), photography & I'm a big time metalhead
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