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A day like no other day…addiction

It’s mornin’ and you’re back at work but something seems wrong… and you’re right, there’s something missing. You start searchin’ and searchin’, over and over again…nothing to be found not even a single drop of it. Panic starts to take over, you find yourself in … Continue reading

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Visiting Dracula’s(or Vlad for close friends) Crib

This weekend I had lots of fun visiting Bran Castle, and the surrounding area, where I felt like a foreign tourist. For most of you folks Bran Castle is Dracula’s crib…but in reality, sorry to disappoint you, Vlad Tepes, the “bloody” Romanian ruler known … Continue reading

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About team buildings

OK time to write about team buildings and their importance 😀 . In my opinion any respectable company should organise once in a while a team building to insure and strengthen team unity within the organisation. Now we should consider the fact that … Continue reading

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Office Sports

Sport at the office…interesting concept right? Well it was brought into Romania by multinational/foreign companies(don’t know that for sure but that’s what they say :)) ) and now it’s embraced successfully by Romanian companies as well. The “form” it takes differs from company … Continue reading

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Blog Facts

Funny how this blog should have been a place were I could “talk” freely about my studies of Japanese culture, language, history as well as my impressions and dreams of someday visiting Japan. You could ask me why Japan and why this “obsession” … Continue reading

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Gang fight in a Mall?!?

uhm…I would have never thought that someday I will witness a fight in a commercial center…. well let’s start from the beginning…. I was in a Mall near me trying to buy a new pair of basketball shoes when all of a sudden I hear someone yelling…I … Continue reading

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