A day like no other day…addiction

It’s mornin’ and you’re back at work but something seems wrong… and you’re right, there’s something missing. You start searchin’ and searchin’, over and over again…nothing to be found not even a single drop of it. Panic starts to take over, you find yourself in a stressful situation and unpleasant thoughts are clouding your mind…what if you’ll not drink it today?!what will happen?! You have red eyes…red eyes…red eyes and a pale, lifeless face. That’s all you see in the mirror. Sleep overwhelms you…now you realize how much you need it to stay awake, to focus, to start thinking strait, it gives you strength, energy….how can you not take it?!how can you stop the painful urge to find and drink it?!

 Well actually I don’t have the faintest idea…I’m not yet a coffe addict. Do you drink coffee?!?!

Coffee Addiction


About Andrei

Just your average normal guy...I've studied Marketing at the Romanian-American University of Bucharest (probably the best thing I know is how to "sell" myself :)) ) At the moment, doing support stuff for a big shot IT company - hey money needs to come from somewhere...I have a huge interest in History, especially Japanese history and culture, love to travel, reading (sci-fi & high fantasy stuff mostly), sports (basketball, judo, brazilian ju-jitsu, kendo, track&field), photography & I'm a big time metalhead
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2 Responses to A day like no other day…addiction

  1. Str8er says:

    Coffein is actually produced by brain itself. If needed.

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