Every war is different…every war is the same…

Without even noticing we wage wars from the 1st day of our life.We are fighting to survive…to get power…to be remembered…Man’s greatest fear isn’t death, his greatest fear is to be past down into oblivion; thus we fight to be noticed in a world that seems to never stop and look behind.

Are you ready to fight or will you be forgotten?



About Andrei

Just your average normal guy...I've studied Marketing at the Romanian-American University of Bucharest (probably the best thing I know is how to "sell" myself :)) ) At the moment, doing support stuff for a big shot IT company - hey money needs to come from somewhere...I have a huge interest in History, especially Japanese history and culture, love to travel, reading (sci-fi & high fantasy stuff mostly), sports (basketball, judo, brazilian ju-jitsu, kendo, track&field), photography & I'm a big time metalhead
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3 Responses to Every war is different…every war is the same…

  1. kiz says:

    fighting is sometimes stupid and useless…cause there are other ways to be remembered 😉
    the only war worth fighting is the one against urself…overcoming ur fears and becoming who u really are
    and instead of fighting….try loving and caring (i.m a helpless romantic obviously)

  2. Str8er says:

    Hey, nice blog! Rly like it.
    Even if the original post is more than 2 years old, I’d like to contribute.

    Fight is valuable if “as in hardening”. But it is useless if “as in elimination”. Even then, when talkin about peace, don’t you fight air pressure in order to even say the first word ? 🙂

    • Kaien says:

      can’t say no to that can I? as i said there’s always somethig out there to fight for but you should always have in mind – ” is this really worth it?”

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