Media bullsh** or The new doomsday device – the HiPER Project

OK so for the last 2 moths all I’ve been hearing/seeing on different tv shows or news and even reading in the newspapers is that the projects soon to be known as the latest scientific breakthroughs are actually going to destroy us…Now you’re asking yourself why am I writing this bullsh**…it’s pretty simple I just finished reading an article about HiPER, aka the High Powered laser Energy Research, that was presented as the next doomsday machine after the LHC (and don’t we all know how that story ended up), instead of trying to make people understand that it actually represents a non polluting energy producing device that would actualy reduce to ZERO the fuel consumption( and in Greenpeace Hippie language that means environmental safe energy source). Maybe you are asking why would someone present it in the form of a doomsday device, lets just say that for money people can do a lot of things… So what’s wrong with this research then? well to keep it short the scientists are going to duplicate the chemical reaction that take place within the Sun (and for some of you this is another opportunity to say the Man is going to challenge God or other stupid things like that) but on a SMALER SCALE and for more info about the project please visit HiPER’s site.

I would like to add one more thing if you are opposing scientific progress please leave your comfortable, science given home and go live in a cave or something like that and think about one thing ” What’s science ever done for us?”

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How did I spent the end of Earth?

The past few days were very amusing all of that because of those news and comments regarding CERN’s project, the particle accelerator aka the large hadron collider, for scientists and the “doom machine” for others (because it could create a small black hole that would eventually engulf the earth).

Well ’cause I’m not the top notch student everybody wants me to be, I spent my “last day on Earth” going to an exam that Iflunked superbly a couple of months ago and drinking beer with and old classmate. Pathetic right? 😀 Uhm guess what…. I have another chance on the 21st of October when the experiment will really take place…Of course if you truly believe that crap go ahead and party your head off ’cause you won’t have another chance and if you’re wrong and nothing happens why the hell should you stop partying 😀

now let’s put aside the whole mass hysteria and enjoy what’s left ot the rest of our lives 😛

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Paper or Plastic ?this is the question

Well I really think that all of you know the answer to this one….Yep it’s paper alright!

So what’s with the stupid question about paper and plastic you must be asking yourselves…that’s very simple actually, the government finally proposed and voted(now ain’t this a miracle?) a law that bans the usage of plastic bags thus replacing them with brown paper ones (the Greenpeace folks must be very proud and happy ’bout this 🙂 ).

Now let’s do a thinking exercise 😀 . Can you guess who’s affected by this change, in good, in my opinion? Lemme give you hint:

      a.The business men;            b.The underpaid work force;           c. The junkies and hobos.

Although all will feel, more or less, a sudden price rise the most affected of this group will be for certain the junkies that will not have enough plastic bags for the “aurolac” (silver like synthetic dye mixed with water – used as an inhalant drug). So will this be some sort of a rehab for them or are they going to change thier methods and what impact will this have on their behavior?! 🙂

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A day like no other day…addiction

It’s mornin’ and you’re back at work but something seems wrong… and you’re right, there’s something missing. You start searchin’ and searchin’, over and over again…nothing to be found not even a single drop of it. Panic starts to take over, you find yourself in a stressful situation and unpleasant thoughts are clouding your mind…what if you’ll not drink it today?!what will happen?! You have red eyes…red eyes…red eyes and a pale, lifeless face. That’s all you see in the mirror. Sleep overwhelms you…now you realize how much you need it to stay awake, to focus, to start thinking strait, it gives you strength, energy….how can you not take it?!how can you stop the painful urge to find and drink it?!

 Well actually I don’t have the faintest idea…I’m not yet a coffe addict. Do you drink coffee?!?!

Coffee Addiction

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Visiting Dracula’s(or Vlad for close friends) Crib

This weekend I had lots of fun visiting Bran Castle, and the surrounding area, where I felt like a foreign tourist. For most of you folks Bran Castle is Dracula’s crib…but in reality, sorry to disappoint you, Vlad Tepes, the “bloody” Romanian ruler known worldwide as Count Dracula had very little to do with this place as in he never lived there (the only famous person who stayed there was Princess Mary of Edinburgh, queen consort of Ferdinand I of Romania)…he just raided the area a few times to settle some trading issues with the Saxon traders living in Brasov and Bran area. Well after a 3 hour trip we finally arrived in Bran and decided to visit first of all the village museum near the castle. A few pictures here and there, a nice walk through the museum and we got hungry ( long trips and the fresh cold mountain air tend to have that effect on you 😛 ) so we got us a kurtos kalac, it’s a very interesting, tasty and renowned Hungarian cake made throughout Transylvania  but not only there. So after stuffing our faces with kurtos we entered Bran Castle’s garden, hastening our pace to the castle’s entrance and honestly I was surprised to see how many foreigners were waiting in line to buy tickets. Well as soon as we bought the tickets we entered a photographic rampage inside and outside Bran Castle (that’s what happens when Vlad isn’t home 🙂 ). I was happy to see that they brought back some of the original furniture and rearranged the place in a pleasant way (most of the furniture being claimed by the royal family). After photographing almost everything we decided to go and rest. We stayed in a well kept, very old but cute house that had everything we needed and as a plus it was near the forest at the foot of the mountain. We slept and recovered our forces and we went up the mountain to gather some wood but also to admire the whole area from a higher place. The panorama was magnificent, you could see very easily even Rasnov Fortress and the muddy ascend was worth while. I’m regretting the fact that we had to go back home the next day…but I’m going to return there for sure

PS: I’ll post soon a selection of pictures from Bran 🙂

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About team buildings

OK time to write about team buildings and their importance 😀 .

In my opinion any respectable company should organise once in a while a team building to insure and strengthen team unity within the organisation. Now we should consider the fact that there is no absolute value and we can only estimate what a thing is worth to us(Charles Dudley Warner), so depending on the worth you (unconsciously) give your organisation, you pay more or less for it’s members to act as one unit. I said in the previous post that time equals money so as soon as your employees start working as a team(here I mean the ), all of them reaching for the same goal though having different activities / tasks, the company’s productivity will surely increase, I can even say that it will bloom, which means more “dinero” for the organisation and into (almost) everybody’s pockets, so the time spent in forming the team will slowly but certenely be repaid.  Once reached that peak it’s hard to maintain yourself there but that’s another story.

Let’s stop for the time being from talking about the purpose of team buildings and let’s see how many types of team buildings there are and what do they consist of.

To start with I should mention that there are 2 forms of team building, outdoor and indoor types.

Outdoor team building splits into Hard (water, aer, earth based sports/activities: as rafting, climbing, survival exercise scenarios: Team vs Wild; or Paintball/Laser Tag simulating real-life combat scenarios) and Soft ( programs based on ingenuity, fast thinking, coordination and setting priorities to solve unexpected problems) activities. I’ve already mentioned 2 of the most successful team building methods, Team vs Wild and Paintball both simulating real life scenarios, both needing the involvement of all the members to be completed and strengthening more than others the bonds between them.

As well as outdoor team building the indoor type splits into Individual Development Programmes, Survival Simulations (it’s some kind of solution finding team game if you ask me to see how each individual will react to different situations in theory), Business Simulations (yes it sounds like Donald Trump’s Apprentice and yes it’s based on the real/possible business problems/situation ) and, if earlier we had individuals now we have groups, I mean the Group Development Programmes (to keep it short it’s the team’s behavior evaluation).

And to end this post I’ll mention one of the funniest & stangest team buildings that I know of, the Drink Building(and I’ve been at 2 of them already). Yes you’ve heard right, drink building….the only drinking game in the team building book, where the company’s employees build up on their booze resistance:)). Good one no? I like that version too but it’s not at all correct or better said it’s more to it than meets the eye. The concept of drink building is that you try to loosen existing/potential tensions in communication between employees using food and drinks(fed people are more sociable 😛 ) and till the end of the night/day you have yourself a party 😉

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Office Sports

Sport at the office…interesting concept right? Well it was brought into Romania by multinational/foreign companies(don’t know that for sure but that’s what they say :)) ) and now it’s embraced successfully by Romanian companies as well. The “form” it takes differs from company to company for example, Ubisoft, AMA Romania and Gameloft(all 3 share the same building) employees take benefit of a gym, a pool table, several ping pong tables and a football table machine (I even heard of companies that offer employees martial arts courses – hey you never now when you need a karate chop to sign a contract :)) )…pretty cool huh? and all this to keep their men focused. From time to time the employers organise team buildings base mostly on sports themes or strategy games to make/force their men to learn how to cooperate/work together, I’ll stop here with team buildings I’ll write about this in another time:D

Quite recently, after seeing that most of my colleagues showed signs of fatigue and were not giving anymore 100%, our manager decided that a ping pong table and a dart board would relax them a bit and help them focus. Hey it’s better to lose 15 min playing and getting back to work with a refreshed mind than to lose a whole day because you can’t focus….and yes all of this because time is money. I can say that the ping pong table had/has a great success, at least within the male contingent of the company (h’m lemme see that would mean ~ 9 or 10% out of almost 160 employees:)) ). It’s very funny to see how competitive can one get, I’m referring to the fact that we’re always playing to see who’s the best, it’s some sort of fight for supremacy =)) I might add the fact that we tried, unsuccessfully,  to organise a tournament(I’m not giving up on that idea yet).

See you guys at a ping pong match 😉



Next time’s post: all aboout team buildings and maybe some interesting team building ideas

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