[…]Powder & Adrenaline rush

OK so in the previous post I talked about snowboarding without knowing what it really meant but now I can say that for me is everything someone could ever ask from a winter sport and I can scribe all that happened in 3 days in just 3 words “veni, vidi, vinci”. We went there, saw what it was about and we “conquered” the slope. It was the first time I felt my senses so tuned to all that was happening around me…[yeah unique feelings while trying to get you arse down the slope in one piece] and the inner voice that kept on blabling  *don’t do it you’re going to break something*…

All that I can say now is that I can’t wait to return and feel the blood rushing through my veins like it’s the last thing I’ll do.


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Snow…snow..and snowboards

Winter is at last here and that means another snowboarding season is ready to begin. To be honest this will be my first time on a board and down the slope … oh man oh man I can’t wait. So what’s the big deal about it? well I don’t know either but it will be for sure a blast and I’ll finally feel like I’m still alive and kicking…oh wait ain’t that the meaning of extreme sports?

 A good friend found a site where you can learn the basics of snowboarding [but nothing can ever compare with the real thing] and if you want know more ->click here<- 


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Every war is different…every war is the same…

Without even noticing we wage wars from the 1st day of our life.We are fighting to survive…to get power…to be remembered…Man’s greatest fear isn’t death, his greatest fear is to be past down into oblivion; thus we fight to be noticed in a world that seems to never stop and look behind.

Are you ready to fight or will you be forgotten?


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I think it’s just one of those weeks when I feel completely useless in other words weak…
Too many things happening and I am as usual just a simple spectator lacking the power to interfere.

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Media bullsh** or The new doomsday device – the HiPER Project

OK so for the last 2 moths all I’ve been hearing/seeing on different tv shows or news and even reading in the newspapers is that the projects soon to be known as the latest scientific breakthroughs are actually going to destroy us…Now you’re asking yourself why am I writing this bullsh**…it’s pretty simple I just finished reading an article about HiPER, aka the High Powered laser Energy Research, that was presented as the next doomsday machine after the LHC (and don’t we all know how that story ended up), instead of trying to make people understand that it actually represents a non polluting energy producing device that would actualy reduce to ZERO the fuel consumption( and in Greenpeace Hippie language that means environmental safe energy source). Maybe you are asking why would someone present it in the form of a doomsday device, lets just say that for money people can do a lot of things… So what’s wrong with this research then? well to keep it short the scientists are going to duplicate the chemical reaction that take place within the Sun (and for some of you this is another opportunity to say the Man is going to challenge God or other stupid things like that) but on a SMALER SCALE and for more info about the project please visit HiPER’s site.

I would like to add one more thing if you are opposing scientific progress please leave your comfortable, science given home and go live in a cave or something like that and think about one thing ” What’s science ever done for us?”

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How did I spent the end of Earth?

The past few days were very amusing all of that because of those news and comments regarding CERN’s project, the particle accelerator aka the large hadron collider, for scientists and the “doom machine” for others (because it could create a small black hole that would eventually engulf the earth).

Well ’cause I’m not the top notch student everybody wants me to be, I spent my “last day on Earth” going to an exam that Iflunked superbly a couple of months ago and drinking beer with and old classmate. Pathetic right? 😀 Uhm guess what…. I have another chance on the 21st of October when the experiment will really take place…Of course if you truly believe that crap go ahead and party your head off ’cause you won’t have another chance and if you’re wrong and nothing happens why the hell should you stop partying 😀

now let’s put aside the whole mass hysteria and enjoy what’s left ot the rest of our lives 😛

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Paper or Plastic ?this is the question

Well I really think that all of you know the answer to this one….Yep it’s paper alright!

So what’s with the stupid question about paper and plastic you must be asking yourselves…that’s very simple actually, the government finally proposed and voted(now ain’t this a miracle?) a law that bans the usage of plastic bags thus replacing them with brown paper ones (the Greenpeace folks must be very proud and happy ’bout this 🙂 ).

Now let’s do a thinking exercise 😀 . Can you guess who’s affected by this change, in good, in my opinion? Lemme give you hint:

      a.The business men;            b.The underpaid work force;           c. The junkies and hobos.

Although all will feel, more or less, a sudden price rise the most affected of this group will be for certain the junkies that will not have enough plastic bags for the “aurolac” (silver like synthetic dye mixed with water – used as an inhalant drug). So will this be some sort of a rehab for them or are they going to change thier methods and what impact will this have on their behavior?! 🙂

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