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Just your average normal guy... Education: Student at the Romanian-American University Bucharest, Faculty of Management-Marketing Job: doing support stuff for a big shot IT company - bleh! Interests:Japanese history and culture, sports(basketball, judo, brazilian ju-jitsu), kendo, music and reading

the same old new stuff

I’m back again & apparently with a weird mood to get some stuff written down so…let’s get down and “dirty”: Time has a very interesting way of showing that things change & that we’re all subjects to change… Well to … Continue reading

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After more than a year i’m back here writing my head off. What made me decide to come back?!?God knows… But whats important is fact that I now have something important write about. After an almost 2 year absence I’m back … Continue reading

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Well another year started…*getting older by the minute*… Funny how i make the same mistakes all over again thus proving to myself that i still don’t know what’s good for me…*I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever do*…the bright side  is … Continue reading

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[…]Powder & Adrenaline rush

OK so in the previous post I talked about snowboarding without knowing what it really meant but now I can say that for me is everything someone could ever ask from a winter sport and I can scribe all that happened in 3 days … Continue reading

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Snow…snow..and snowboards

Winter is at last here and that means another snowboarding season is ready to begin. To be honest this will be my first time on a board and down the slope … oh man oh man I can’t wait. So what’s the … Continue reading

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Every war is different…every war is the same…

Without even noticing we wage wars from the 1st day of our life.We are fighting to survive…to get power…to be remembered…Man’s greatest fear isn’t death, his greatest fear is to be past down into oblivion; thus we fight to be noticed in a … Continue reading

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I think it’s just one of those weeks when I feel completely useless in other words weak… Too many things happening and I am as usual just a simple spectator lacking the power to interfere. more about “Feelings“, posted with … Continue reading

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